Player/horn combinations

Number of players in this list: 317

Bruce Adams Bach Strad 25 Large Bore standard weight – 72 bell,
Bach Strad Flugel 
Warburton 3MD/11*
Bach 1 (flugel) 
Nat Adderly Getzen Cornet
King Master Silver Sonic Cornet (silver bell)
Conn Connstelation Cornet (mid 70 until end of career) 
Rudy Muck (gift from Jaki Byard)
Olds number 3
A filed down mpc 
Bernhard Adelstein Bach C trumpet with a 25A (for Adelstein) leadpipe,
King Liberty mini-trumpet
Gold Mt. Vernon 1C 
Urban Agnas Monette Prana LT Bb,
Monette Prana LT C,
Yamaha Piccolo 9820 
Monette C 12 s Prana,
Monette Bb 12 s Prana 
Ambrose Akinmusire Bach 37,
Martin Commitee 1957 (career) 
Bach 7C, Bach 3C, Megatone 3C,
Monette B2 
Jesus Alemany Bach 37  Warburton 6S 
Ed Allen Conn 80A cornet (1922)   
Henry Red Allen Conn Vocabell 40B (in the 1920s)
H.N.White King Liberty or Silvertone (in the 1930s)
Conn Vocabell 48B (in the 1940s)
King Super 20 (in the 1960s)
Zottola (large rims, very small cups) 
Herb Alpert King Silver Flair,
Kanstul Custom B flat,
Bach Stradivarius,
ML Chicago Benge
Yamaha Bobby Shew and a Bach 72
Current flugelhorn: Kanstul Copper
Current trumpet: Callet Sima 
Bach 7B, Shilke,
Marcinkiewicz custom made,
Bach 8B with Bob Reeves shaft,
Callet custom made 
Franco Ambrosetti Kanstul ZKT1500A trumpet  Holton Heim #1 
Cat Anderson Conn Constellation  Burt Herrick goldplate
Custom made by Charlie Allen in Chicago
VERY shallow with a huge fat rim.
(more about his mpc – click on the link!) 
Michael Anderson Bb trumpet: Bach 37
C trumpet: Monette STC1 (Portland)
Eb trumpet: Schilke E3L
Piccolo trumpet: Stomvi Master Bb/A
Flugelhorn: Yamaha YFH 631 
Bb: Monette B12
C: Monette C12
Picc.: Monette AP6
Flugel: Monette FL2 
Maurice André Aubertin C trumpet
Selmer K modified Bb
Selmer Radial Bb
Selmer piccolo
On Bb, C, D, Eb trumpet: Bach 1-1/2 C,
Bb Piccolo: Bach 7 DW
also (around 1972): Rudy Muck 7E
A custom Bach 7D (a particular rim, larger, rounded on the top) 
Ray Anthony King Liberty 2B,
Selmer 25,
Ryan Anthony Bb: Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335RG
C: Yamaha Xeno YTR-8445
C Rotor: Yamaha YTR-946GS
Eb: Yamaha YTR-9630
Piccolo: Yamaha YTR-9830
Cornet: Yamaha YCR-6335HS
Flugel: Yamaha YFH-231 
Ole Edvard Antonsen Bb Trumpet: Bach
C Trumpet: Bach
Piccolo: Schilke P4/5
Cornet: Getzen Eterna 
Custom Yamaha 
Luca Aquino Bach 37 ml,
Martin Commettee #2,
Calicchio R 32,
Van Laar Oiram,
Van Laar #1,
Now: Van Laar signature modelflugelhorn:
Couesnon Monopole
Van Laar #2
Van Laar Oiram 
before: Monette B6,
now: Marco Nesi signature model 
J. B. Arban Courtois Arban Cornet (1883),
Courtois New Arban Cornet (1886) 
Matthew Arbuckle Bailey cornet,
Fiske Rotary valve cornet,
Antoine Courtois cornet, Paris, 1875, Jules Levy model (gift from Pat Gilmore) 
Louis Armstrong His first cornet:
simply marked «Made in Austria» (probably made in Boehmen)
Tonk cornet/Chicago on the riverboats.
York cornet/Grand Rapids – (from Joe Oliver);
Harry B Jay Columbia cornet,trumpet leadpipe/mpc (Oliver Creole Jazz Band)
Blessing Super Artist cornets
Switched to Buescher 10-22R trumpet for his Hot five/seven recordings
Conn 56B
Selmer Challenger,ie balanced forward to Grand Prix with a #19leadpipe.
(3 of his horns are still at his home in Corona Nyc.)
Martin Troubadour trumpet (in the 1932 film «Rhapsody in Black and Blue») 
Giardinelli LA;
various Al Cass/Giardinelli NYC/Bachs
7C Leblanc France
Parduba double-cup (?)
Selmer Special
In the 1960s, Schilke made a number of mouthpieces for him. 
Eric Aubier Before:
Bach/Malone trumpets, P5-4 Schilke piccolo
C Yamaha Xeno 8445 model, MC2 leadpipe,
(by Thomas Lubitz, Yamaha Atelier in Neu Isenburg)
Xeno silverplated 8345 Bb trumpet,
3 valves Yamaha Bb/A piccolo (YTR-9820C)
Yamaha 4 valves Eb
Special C piccolo trumpet (made by Lubitz)
6335H Bb cornet 
Before: Bach 1 1/2C
Current: Old custom Yamaha
Piccolo/Eb: Custom Schilke 
Chet Baker Martin, Committee model (50s)
Selmer flugelhorn (60s)
Conn Constellation 38B (70s)
Buescher Aristocrat, student’s model (early to mid 80s – pawnshop)
Getzen Capri (86 – 87)
Selmer, model: Vincent Bach Stradivarius (87 – 88)
also a large bore Besson Flugel 
Bach 6B (in the 50s),
Bach 6C (from the early 70s),
Bach 5B,
Bach 10-3/4 
Harold Shorty Baker Selmer K-modified (1950s-60s)
Kenny Baker Besson New Creation  Custom, later introduced commercially as
the Kenny Baker model
(short shank, wide cushion rim) 
Alison Balsom C: Bach large bore, Bob Malone leadpipe
Eb: Schilke E3-L
Piccolo: Scherzer
Natural trumpet: Matthew Parker 
Bach 1-1/4C with C, Eb/D and nat. trumpet,
Warburton 4MD with piccolo
Rick Baptist Schilke B5, (circa 1965)
Conn Vintage One
Benge 5X (Burbank era) 
Bach 1½C
Bob Reeves custom
Jeff Parke custom 
Guido Basso Bb trumpet:
French Besson,
Now:Bach 37
French Besson  
Giardinelli 7M 
Jeff Beal Bb trumpet: Bach Strad. medium with goldbrass bell, Getzen Capri
C trumpet: Bach 239 bell, 24 H leadpipe
Piccolo: Yamaha Custom
Flugelhorn: Getzen Eterna 4 valve 
Trumpet: Bach 1 C, Bach 7C for piccolo
Flugel: Bach 1 C  
Bix Beiderbecke Cornets: Martin Superlative,
Conn Victor 80A New Wonder,
Conn Victor 81A New Wonder,
Vincent Bach Stradivarius large bore,
Holton deep cup # 27,
Bach 7,
Conn wonder 
Anders Bergcrantz Bach 37 ML(1966) – done most recording with this
Conn Victor 6b (1972)
B&S Fluegelhorn (Challenger Line) 
Bach 1 1/4 C
Bach 1 1/4 C fl,
Now: Kelly 3C on trumpet,
and a Bach 3C fl on flugelhorn 
Wayne Bergeron Kanstul ZK1600
Yamaha YTR-8335LA Bb trumpet 
Parke Bergeron Model,
Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew 1.5 
Bunny Berigan Selmer
Martin Dansant
Martin Imperial
Conn 12 B 
Bill Berry Getzen Eterna cornet   
Jeroen Berwaerts Yamaha YTR 8335SEU,
Yamaha YTR-9610 Eb/D,
Yamaha rotary valve ?,
Scherzer 8111 piccolo, 
50 year old Bach 1-1/2  
Seneca Black Monette 2000LT   Monette B4S,
Peter Bocage Conn 80A cornet (1920s)
Sharkey Bonano Martin Committee Deluxe
Chris Botti Martin Committee (large bore 0.468 from 1939)
Calicchio 1S2 
Before: 1920 Bach 3C
Now: Bach 3 silver plated (from 1926) 
Lester Bowie Benge  Schilke 8A4 
Ruby Braff Besson Cornet,
Benge #6 cornet,
1970s Bach model 37 long model cornet,
(Played it on his South Pacific duo album with Dick Hyman in the early 90s.)
Rick Braun Trumpet: Custom Getzen 3050s,
Marcinkewicz (now)
Flugel: Getzen 895,
Marcinkewicz (now) 
Randy Brecker Yamaha, custom built  2 1/2 C megatone (currently) 
Bud Brisbois Besson (R. Schilke’s)
1960-ies a Getzen 900S,
1970-ies switched between Custom Holton ST 200, Calicchio and Bach.
The Holton had a .465 bore and thin leadpipe gauge.
Custom Burt Herrick,
In 1973 Bob Reeves made a duplicate for him.
It had a Bach 10 1/2C rim, shallow semi-v cup, 26 throat, short stem 
Mel Broiles Claude Gordon Benge
Bach Strad in the late 1970s
Selmer piccolo
Broiles was a trumpet collector. One well known instrument in his collection was the French 4 valve trumpet designed by Merry Franquin.  
Clifford Brown First Blessing Super Artist Cornet,
then Blessing Super Artist Trumpet 
Bach 17C1 and 17C2
(which are no longer made)
The near equal mouthpiece is Bach 10 3/4 CW 
Till Brönner Trumpets: Martin «Committee» 1952,
Bach 72 lightweight,
Yamaha 6330 Bb (put together by the Yamaha folks in Germany)
Flugehorns: Yamaha Bobby Shew model, Inderbinen Sera 
Trumpet: Bruno Tilz 1CWE,
Flugelhorn: Besson Meha (custom modified) 
Billy Butterfield Selmer  Giardinelli BB-1,
(Giardinelli’s Artist Series Mouthpieces)
BB stands for his initial 
Donald Byrd Trumpets: H.N.White King Symphony model,
Besson Meha (late 50s, early 60s),
Yamaha and BlackByrd(?) made by Dick Akright
Bel Canto Severisen (& Akright)
Flugel: Couesnon 
custom made by Dick Akright 
Eddie Calvert Besson New Creation,
(only played large bore model which has LB stamped on the casing) 
cornet mouthpiece with an adaptor 
Conti Candoli Martin Committee
King (custom made ) 
Bach 10.5 CW 
Benny Carter Conn  Conn goldtone 
Oscar Papa Celestin Conn 80A cornet (1920s);
Selmer Grands Prix trumpet(1940s-50s)
Theo Charlier Mahillon Bb, Charlier model
Screw rim (patented in 1909 by Charlier).  
Bill Chase Martin-Committee 2B
Getzen 900s
Schilke B6Lb, custom, with beryllium bell, medium .450 bore  
Jet-Tone standard (like the body style MF played)
Schilke Chase (6A4a)rim undercut, #26 throat, copied from the Jet-Tone 
Don Cherry Besson Meha pocket trumpet (one of only four made in the world)
Besson Meha pocket cornet (made for a show starring Josephine Baker, in Paris, in the 1920)
Olds Ambassador cornet
Civil War era cornet
Pakistani pocket trumpet 
Bach 20C cornet mouthpiece 
Alan Chez Flip Oakes Wild Thing,
Yamaha trumpets,
Vincent Cichowicz Bb trumpets:
Selmer K Modified
Bach 37 with red brass bell,
C trumpet:
Silver Bach Mt. Vernon 
Bach B underpart with 1C rim 
Herbert L. Clarke Three Star Boston Cornet (his first buy – see his Autobio.)
Conn Wonder Solo Cornet,
King Master Cornet,
Had to play a Conn during his Sousa days.
His colleague Frank Holton started his own company, made the H.C. model which Clarke (and Joe Oliver) used 
June Clarke Harry B Jay cornet   
Buck Clayton Selmer,
Holton Galaxy trumpet,
Holton B-47,
H.N.White King Liberty trumpet,
Blessing Super 1938,
French Besson Meha (1940s-50s),
Selmer K-Modified (1950s-60s)
Getzen Eterna Doc Severinsen (last part of his life) 
Al Cass 
Bill Coleman Conn 10B (mid-1930s)
Selmer Grand Prix 
Johnny Coles Selmer pre-K-Modified 24B,
ML Bach 37,
Yamaha flugel 
Trumpet: Giardinelli 7M
Flugelhorn: Giardinelli 7C 
Kiku Collins Getzen 3001 Mike Vax,
Schilke piccolo,
Getzen Custom Series flugelhorn,
Buescher cornet,
Amati valve trombone 
Loud 3Z, 3C, 75M,10.5C (trumpet)
Loud LM-3F (flugel)
Loud LM-65 (trombone) 
Lee Collins Olds Recording (1950s)
After his death his horn was played by Percy Humphrey.
Ted Curson Bach Bb,
Selmer piccolo,
Selmer flugelhorn 
Selmer 5,
Selmer 1 (piccolo),
Selmer 1+ (flugel) 
Frits Damrow Bb trumpet:
YTR 8310Z Custom, YTR 8335S Xeno, YTR 936GS Rotary
C trumpet:
YTR 9445 CHS Artist Model,YTR 964GS Rotary
Eb/ D trumpet:
YTR 9610 Custom, YTR 9630 Custom
Piccolo trumpet:
YTR 9830 Custom, YTR 9820 Custom
YFH 631G
YCR 6330II 
Charley Davis Kanstul 1S2 Bb,
Bach 37 Sterling Bell Bb,
Bach C 239 Bell,
Kanstul Piccolo 
Bach 3C-24 throat, 3B-24 throat (classicalplaying),
Bach 3C/D (for extreme lead playing),
Bach 3D-24 throat/117 (backbore for piccolo playing) 
Miles Davis Started on a Selmer Grand Prix,
FA Reynolds (seen on photos with one),
Martin Committee,
French Besson Brevete,
Vega power model,
Martin Imperial,
Martin Magna
Olds Super Martin,
Martin Magna (Fat Girl)
Heim (made by Holton)
Giardinelly (Heim copy)
Trumpet mpc on flugel 
Wild Bill Davison Conn Victor 80A,
Olds Special cornet (1940s),
King Master Super 20 (last 30 years) 
Bach 10 1/2 C 
Allan Dean Bb trumpet: Yamaha YTR 6335HG
C trumpet: Yamaha YTR 6445HG S
D trumpet: Yamaha YTR 751
Eb trumpet: Yamaha YTR 9350
F-G trumpet: Schilke G1
Bb cornet: Yamaha YCR 6330
C cornet: Getzen Eterna
Flugelhorn: Yamaha YFH 6310Z
Currently: Schilke custom (paper thin alloy) 
Sidney DeParis Reynolds Professional model cornet (1950s-60s)
Vince DiMartino Benge CG (1978),
Schilke S32 (mid to late 80s)
Shires Severinsen, modified 
Peter Pickett (based off of a favorite Bob Reeves) 
Timofei Dokshizer First instruments, trumpets with rotary valves;
A rotary-valved cornet by Alexander,
Selmer K Modified (60 and 70ies),
Benge (gift from Vladimir Drucker, 1. trumpet Los Angeles Philharmonic)
Occasionally a Schilke C trumpet. 
Ruddy Muck 7E,
Bach 7E (cut on Bachs lathe by himself) 
Kenny Dorham Besson Meha,
Martin Committee,
Martin Magna,
Cuesnon Monopole trumpet 
Bach 1 (with the Meha),
Giardinelli 6V 
Dave Douglas Silver Bach Stradivarius large bore trumpet with a #25 bell
(this equipment for more than 25 year) 
Bach 3B 
Nick Drozdoff Jazz / Lead setup: Yamaha Bobby Shew Model Trumpet
Legit B-flat: Custom Made Wayne Tanabe trumpet
C-trumpet: Bach 229 Bell, large bore with a custom Wayne Tanabe lead pipe
E-flat trumpet: Custom Wayne Tanabe E-flat
Flugel: Courtois 3 valve flugel
Cornet: Either a Courtois Arban model or a Conn Victor
Piccolo Trumpet: Schilke P5-4A trumpet
Jazz: Laskey 40 C, Lead: Laskey 40 S*
Bb / C trumpet: Stage 1 California
Flugelhorn: Eclipse
Cornet: Stage 1
Now: Getzen 
B-flat: Custom Schilke 1&1/4 C (Bach copy),
C: Bach 1&1/4 C megatone,
E-flat: Schilke 3CH rim on a Bach 3C underpart
Flugel: Bach 1&1/4 rim on a Warburton 4XD underpart
Cornet: Bach 1&1/4 C rim on a Warburton 4XD underpart
Piccolo: Laskey 40MC
John Lynce Asymmetric, Wedge  
Harry Sweets Edison Selmer (pre K)   Selmer,
Al Cass (Diz cup with Stock backbore) 
Roy Eldridge Martin Handcraft Imperial,
Martin Committee Deluxe (1950s),
Getzen Severinsen Eterna SK2429,
Conn 60 B (ca 1975)
LeBlanc (late in life) 
Al Cass,
Charlie Allen 
Fred Elias King Liberty and Silvertone Artist   
Don Ellis Holton Revelation 45, then Holton B-47 (early in his career),
Holton 4-valved quarter tone trumpet custom made,
Holton Firebird,
Al Cass mellophone 
Custom Jack Bell,
Custom Bob Reeves 
Ziggy Elman Selmer trumpet,
H.N.White King 2B Liberty and Super 20 trumpets,
King Master Cornet 
Pee Wee Erwin Besson Meha (did most recordings with this),
French Bessons, (1914 and 1922)
Getzen Eterna,
Benge large bore long cornet (gift from Warren Vache) 
Bach 10 1/2 C (goldplated) 
George Eskdale Besson C/Bb
Besson Eb/D
(Eskdale helped develop these at Boosey and Hawkes in the late 1930) 
Hal Espinosa Selmer K-Modified for years
later an Olds Clinician,
playing the Olds Custom P-12 
Jon Faddis Schilke S42
Custom Laskey heavyweight 
Custom Schilke (about 13BB) 
Don Fargerquist Callichio    
Art Farmer Martin Committee
Monette Flumpet
Besson Flugal
Kanstul Burbank Flugel
Cuesnon Flugelhorn (he prefered this)
Al Cass Flugelhorn 
His last:
Monette B7F
(F stands for Farmer, not Flugelhorn)
Maynard Ferguson Selmer,
Martin Committee (on album cover in 1955),
Conn Connstellation 38B, Liberator,
Holton MF Horn,
Monette Prana XLT,
Monette MF Prana,
Flugel: Courtois 
Modified Rudy Muck (young in Canada and with Kenton)
Custom by D. Callichio (late 1950 )
Holton (His Design, V-cup)
Giardenelli 1,2,3, (early 1960, V-cup)
JetTone MF (1970ies, V-cup)
JetTone by Schilke (short time)
Monette MF (V-cup)
Monette MFII (Shallow Bowl)
Monette MFIII (Shallow Bowl, wider rim).  
Keith Fiala Austin Winds Stage 470LT (Kanstul horn, slightly modified),
Flugelhorn: Courtois 154R (rose brass bell) 
GR Primal 62Z*
GR 62FL 
Chuck Findley Calicchio
Now playing/endorsing Hub van Laar intstruments:
Bb, C trumpet Chuck Findley signature model,
Hub Van Laar Chuck Findley 
Chuck Findley model (made by Bob Reeves) 
Horst Fischer Hüttl
Martin Committee
Meister Anton
(Later Meister Anton created another model for Fischer with a bigger bore but smaller bell) 
Custom Bruno Tilz 
Tony Fisher Olds with hand hammered bell (first trumpet)
Conn Constellation,
Olds Mendez,
Olds Super
Benge MLP (last 40 years) 
Bach 10 1/2 C,
Giardinelli 10S 
Maciej Fortuna Taylor Chicago Custom  Monette Prana B2S3 81 
Harry Freistadt French Besson Bb,
Bach Bb (inherited from Max Schlossberg),
Conn C,
Cornet: H.N. White King Master, 1956, gold lacquer
(his daughter still owns the cornet) 
Paolo Fresu flugelhorn:
Van Laar OIRAM 
Hans Gansch Lechner (rotary valves)
Adaci (rotary valves)
Kurner (rotary valves) 
Yamaha 16E4
Thomas Gansch Schagerl Gansch-Horn,
Schagerl Killer Queen flugelhorn  
Bach Megatone 3B,
Bach 3CFL (flugel) 
Chris Gekker Monette classic LT
Shilke Eb
Schike piccolo
Yamaha C piccolo
Monette B 1 5M 
Armando Ghitalla Martin (during the 50s and 60s)
Trumpets designed by Bill Tottle (late 60s) usually Bach parts, a 238 bell.
Had an ascending valve to put the horn in D, making a C/D trumpet.
Yamaha artist after the BSO.
Had Yamaha build a C/D trumpet for him. 
A huge collection, most in the 1 1/4 size.
Bach Mt Vernon 1 1/4 C cornet mouthpiece, with an adapter to the trumpet.
Tottle 3Cstar – about the same size as a 1 1/4, with a «K» backbore.
Al Cass 
Dizzy Gillespie Martin Committee;
King Silver Flair;
Schilke (gift of Jon Faddis)
H.N.White King Super 20 trumpets (late 1940, early 1950) 
Al Cass 2-24A mostly,
switched to Al Cass 2-25A a few times 
Mic Gillette Martin with tunable bell
(custom made triggers on first and third valves),
King Silver Flair,
Martin Magna,
Jet-Tone Studio A, then Studio B
Marcinkiewicz «Mic Gillette»
(Model SC3X.351L RLP) 
Marcinkiewicz E8.7 Mic Gillette 
Greg Gisbert Yamaha 6310z   Marcienciewicz Shew 1.5 
Andrea Giuffredi Bach 72,
Bb & C trumpet : Courtois Evolution IV
Now: Monette Prana 3 Bb
Piccolo & Eb trumpet: Schilke
Flugelhorn : Courtois 
Yamaha 15 E4 for classic
Giardinelli 12 S for big band
Schilke 14A4 for piccolo
2008: after 10 years I changed my mouthpieces
Monette Prana B 2.5
Monette Prana B2S3 (classic and jazz)
Monette Prana MF III (for lead) 
Harry Glantz French Besson Bb (early in his career)
Parduba Bb trumpet (1929 – 1940)
Conn Glantz Model C,
Conn 2B,
Besson Meha,
Benge Burbank 3X (medium large bore) 
Bach 3C, 6C 
Bernie Glow Bach 72* ML Giardinelli BG (Bernie Glow model)   
Jan Glæsel Before:
Selmer Claude Gordon,
Selmer Chorus (custom build black finish),
Benge Claude Gordon,
Scodwell Bb,
Scodwell C (Brushed Satin),
Bach Eb Mount Vernon,
Bach Flugelhorn  
Bob Reeves C2J – lounge trompet sound,
Bob Reeves 42 CF (Chuck Findley)lead,
Bob Reeves 42 S (small) more lead,
Bob Reeves 42 ES (ex.small) even more lead 
Don Goldie Selmer Paris 24 B gold plated trumpet (now owned by John Georgini),
Selmer Paris 24 B lightweight trumpet.John Branzer says: He sold the lightweight Selmer that I gave him, but returned the standard weight 24B Selmer to me before his death, which I still have. I had given him both instruments. 
Bach Mt. Vernon 6C 
Brad Goode Blessing ML-1(.460)
1936 Martin Handcraft Imperial (.445)
1931 Blessing Artist (.468) 
Warburton 6M w/ #4 backbore
Al Cass 1-29 
Claude Gordon Besson Meha,
Benge Claude Gordon,
Selmer Claude Gordon 
Last was CG Personal 
Dusko Goykovich Buescher Super 400 (ca. 1950),
Buescher Top Hat,
Buescher Cane 400,
Romeo Adaci,
Trumpet / Flugelhorn by Franz Weber 
Custom Romeo Adaci,
Custom Monke 
Conrad Gozzo Besson Meha large bore, 468 (almost all recordings),
Chicago Benge #2233,
Chicago Benge #2952 (sold in 1960)
Leblanc Gozzo model (non-production) 
Bert Herrick modified 7C 
George Graham Trumpet: Bb BelCanto Large Bore
Bach C and D/Eb Tumpetw/ Akright conversion and interchangeable
Piccolo Trumpet: Burbank
Cornet: BelCanto
Flugel: Yamaha 631 w/ Kanstul, now Hub Van Larr  
Trumpet: New York Bach 7C w/ rounded inner rim
Flugel: Dennis Wick 4F w/ the same rim  
Gordon Chris Griffin Selmer Grand Prix and Getzen Eterna   Bach 7 C 
Mario Guarneri Hub Van Laar 8 Bb
Hub Van Laar custum C
Hub Van Laar Flugel
Shilke 4 valve Eb
Schilke piccolo 
GR/Najoom custom (close to 66M) 
Russell Gunn Bach 37,
Inderbinen Studie
Bach 7D,
Bach 3C,
Bach/Inderbinen 1 1/2C
Gary Guthman Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt SC3.7ML
(bore ML – .459) 
Custom by Joe Marcinkiewicz 
Bobby Hackett Martin Handcraft Imperial (adv) small group period, 1937-38
F.A. Reynolds (ph) Bobby Hackett Orchestra, 1940
Muck (adv) Likely instrument of the Glenn Miller period
Besson (adv, phs) shepherds crook, also trumpets, entire career
H.N. White King Master (adv)
Selmer (ph: Hawaii Swings LP) also trumpet (ph)
Bach Strad (phs)
Benge (phs)
Getzen Eterna, including prototypes (phs)
Olds Super (ph) had belonged to Red Nichols, very late in careerSources:
(adv) = endorsed horn in magazine advertising
(ph) = photo
(phs) = multiple photos 
Rudy Muck 
Larry Hall Kanstul 1S2,
Bach 37 Sterling Bell 
W. C. Handy Conn 2B   
Håkan Hardenberger C trumpet:
Bob Malone Bach 229,
Prototype Yamaha Artist Model YTR-9445CHS 
An older Toshi that he got from Thomas Stevens,
close to a Bach 2C  
Roy Hargrove Olds Ambassador,
Bel Canto (gift from Doc Severinson),
Monette (gift from Wynton),
Bach 43 silver Reverse LT Star bell,
Bach 25 Large Bore,
Inderbinen Silver Art, now Inderbinen Alpha,
Inderbinen Wood Flugelhorn 
Bach 3C (most records)
Monette B6, Monette BF7 X / Prototype
Now: Heim remake 
John Harner Calicchio 1s bell with a 2s leadpipe,
Now, a custom buildt Conn Vintage One 
Mike Vax Signature model Marcienkewicz 
Tom Harrell Trumpet:
Connstellation 36B
Now Connstellation 38B
Trumpet: Bach 1-1/2 C Megatone
Flugel: Bach 1-1/2 C FL 
Keyon Harrold Bach 37,
Selmer 90J,
Now: Selmer Concept TT 
Bach 7C 
Keyon Harrold Jean Baptiste 900 Flugel (made by B&S)
Erskine Hawkins Conn 40B    
Gustav Heim Holton Revelation Trumpet  Holton Heim 
Tine Thing Helseth Bb: Bach Strad 37,
C: Yamaha YTR-9445CHS – Chicago,
Eb/D: Schilke
Piccolo: Yamaha Custom Bb/A,
Bach 1 1/4 C,
Bach 7D (piccolo) 
Shelton Hemphill Buescher 400 trumpet   
Eddie Henderson Trumpet: Selmer 80J black trumpet,
currently a new Selmer Sigma,
1938 Besson Meha,
1938 gold plated Custom Martin Handcraft Imperial,
Flugelhorn: Couesnon and Selmer 
Trumpet: custom Scott Holbert
Flugelhorn: custom Scott Holbert 
Bud Herseth Bach C w/ 6 leadpipe owned by Chicago Symphony,
Monke C, Bb and D rotary,
Schilke X3 large bore Bb,
Schilke P5-4 piccolo,
Schilke E3L Eb-D,
Schilke G1L G-F-E,
Schilke A2C C cornet,
Monette C then back to Bach C 
Bach 1
Bach 7C 
Patrick Hession Now:
Monette MF Prana Bb trumpet
Yamaha 6310Z with custom Piczuk leadpipe 
Monette Prana BL4S6 
Jerry Hey Bach,
Calicchio 1S2 Bb trumpet,
Kanstul 1S2 Bb trumpet,
Bach 37 Sterling Bell Bb (now)  
Bob Reeves 43S (until the early 90s)
Bach 3C 
David Hickman Yamaha    
Jim Hines Bb: Stage 1 NY7   
Terumasa Hino Yamaha Getzen Eterna(in the 60s)   
Al Hirt Martin Comittee,
LeBlanc (+ an eclectic horn with Bach valves and LeBlanc bell)
King Silver Sonic
Last years: Courtois 708 Sonic 
Jet-Tone Al Hirt models 
Freddie Hubbard Trumpets:
Conn Artist 8B,
Bach Mercury,
Olds Ambassador(w/pickup),
Martin Cmmittee
Flugel: Couesnon,
Getzen Eterna (3 valve – silver) 
Bach 6,
Calicchio 3/9L ,
Monette 4B
Flugel: Monette 6 
Abbie Huebner Selmer trumpet and Courtois cornet   
Matthias Höfs Trumpets made by Thein Brothers
3 valve and 4 valve instruments
for more – see his webpage! 
Thein Brothers 
Roger Ingram Schilke model S42 Bb Trumpet,
Conn Constellation,
Couesnon Flugelhorn circa 1963.
«Roger Ingram» signature model E12.4 Marcinkiewicz,
EXCLUSIVELY play the Jupiter XO series 1600i professional trumpet
(own design)
Jupiter XO Series Flugelhorn,
Getzen 4 valve piccolo 940 Eterna brass lacquer,
Jupiter 528L Valve trombone 
Lead work: «Roger Ingram» signature made by Joe Marcinkiewicz (model E12.4)
Broadway show: «Bobby Shew» signature by Joe Marcinkiewicz,
(referred to as the Bobby Shew 1.25 – model E10.3)
Classical/symphonic/small jazz groups:
a plastic 5C made by the «Kelly» (equivalent to Bach 5C)
I prefer this plastic version of the 5C because of the nice
warm sound it helps me create.
Bach 7-C Flugelhorn mpc 
Mark Isham Monette Bb LTJ,
Monette Flumpet,
Monette Bb piccolo 
Monette B15 (trumpet)
Monette FL15 (flugel)
Monette MBP4S (piccolo) 
Don Jacoby Conn  Bach 
Harry James Selmer Paris Balanced Action #25A
Selmer Paris Balanced Action #22B (according to Miss Selmer)
Selmer Signet
In 1954 he switched to
King Silver Sonic Symphony custom made balanced action model
Also played:
King Master cornet,
King Liberty tumpet,
King SIlver Flair (1968),
According to the register at the Selmer Paris factory,
one of the last balanced action trumpets sent to James was a 23A.
His last trumpet (at the Smithsonian, donated by his son Tim James in 1987)
A balanced design, with a replica of the distinctive Selmer finger hook.
Harry James name engraved in script along the bell.
Not built by King (no brand name).
Serial-number 863066, has the numbers 468 stamped on the middle valve casing.
Designed by Chuck Ward of King in Eastlake, Ohio in April of 1981. 
First mpc was a Gustav Heim #2 (made by Holton),
Parduba Double Cup *5* – Harry James Model
In a letter, John Parduba states that James did not
play the Harry James Model, because he did not like it.
Freddy Jenkins Conn 58B trumpet   
Ingrid Jensen New York Bach (M) with #67 bell,
Monette Prana XLTJ STC,
Couesnon Flugel
Besson «Marvin Stamm» model 3,
Couesnon Flugelhorn Black Hill I.J. #3,
Giardinelli 10 (for Flugelhorn) 
Bunk Johnson H.N.White King Liberty and Selmer trumpet   
Russ Johnson Bb: Stage 1 New York, Stage 1 NY 7
Flugelhorn: Bach 183
Cornet: Stage 1
Also Blessing Super Artist 
Monette B4,
Bach 3C for Flugel,
Bach 7EW 
Walt Johnson Callichio
Wild Thing 
Bob Reeves
Black Hill 
Carmell Jones Conn Connstellation 38B (during the 1960s),
Benge 3x (1970s and 1980s) 
Tottle 3C 
Jonah Jones Selmer cornet (when with Stuff Smith in the mid-1930s)
Olds Super  
Reunald Jones Chicago Benge,
Conn 60B (silver) 
Kent Jonsson Bb: Bach Mount Vernon (-63 long leadpipe)
C: Bach- Laskey ( Copy of the old Chicago MV C trumpets)
Eb: Yamaha 963G
Piccolo: Scherzer
Rotary: Lechner Bb and C
Commercial: Yamaha Bobby Shew
Bb Cornet: Yamaha D. King Goldbrass
Flugelhorn: Yamaha old model  
Bb and C: Bach copy from Mount Vernon 3
Eb: Yamaha custom based on MV 3 24 backbore
Piccolo: Schilke 11c with Bach 6 rim.
Rotary: Breslmaier 2 cup 3 shank
Commercial: Same as Eb trpt
Bb Cornet: Own design
Flugelhorn: Laskey 68 flh. 
George Jouvin Selmer    
Frank Kaderabek Bb trumpet:
Benge #528 (bought from Edward Masacheck in 1949, Benge first built trumpet)
Selmer K-modified,
Bach ? (seen with one on photos)
C trumpet:
Selmer Radial C75 (heavy wall)
D trumpet:
Benge #2983 .460 bore (bought from R. Schilke in 1953)
Piccolo trumpet: Selmer 
Monette C15
Bach 7EW (for piccolo) 
Tony Kadleck Bb: Stomvi Forte LB
Now: Hub Van Laar B2
C: Yamaha 741
Flugelhorn: Stage 1 Classic 
Bach 5B,
Monette B5L,
GR for Flugelhorn 
Max Kaminsky Conn 80A cornet,
Conn 38A Victor Special cornet (late-30s, early 40s)
Benge cornet,
Besson Trumpet  
Jon-Erik Kellso 30s Martin Imperial trumpet (previously used by his dad)
70s Bach model 37 trumpet(s),
60s Triebert Flugel,
83-ish Warburton modular trpt with 3 interchangeable bells,
70s Bach model 37 long model cornet, previously owned and played by Ruby Braff,
22 Conn Victor 80A cornet,
94 to present–Bob DeNicola Puje trumpets and cornets (main ax),
61 Martin Committee Deluxe,
31 Olds French Model trumpet, 
Bach 7, 7D, 3C,
No-name ancient trpt mouthpiece,
Greg Black copies of said ancient no-name mp for trpt and cornet (1991-present) 
Al Killian Buescher 400 trumpet   
Harry Kim Bach Artisan (in 2011),
Conn Vintage One Flügel (in 2011),
Claude Gordon Benge (1970s-2011)
Bob Reeves HF Flugelhorn underpart 
Ryan Kisor Now: Martin Committee
Olds Clark Terry,
Monette 994WJ (designed just for him),
Selmer Grand Prix (pre 1950),
Monette MF model (Maynards personal horn) given to him by Monette 
Now: Yamaha 16C4 GP
Before: Bach 1 1/2C,
Monette B2 
James Klages Bb trumpet: Medium bore Bach Strad., 72 Bell, Monette
lead-pipe, mount Vernon valve guides
C trumpet: Large bore Bach Strad 239 bell, valve alignment.
D/Eb trumpet: Geten Eterna
E/F trumpet: Besson (English)
A/Bb piccolo trumpet: Courtois (Paris)
Getzen Eterna in A, Bb, and Eb
Monette 900 series cornet 
Monette B 1.5 Prana,
Monette C 1.5 Prana,
Monette E 1.5,
Monette (A P and B P)1.5,
Monette B 1.5 FL V6 Prana (for cornets) 
Mannie Klein Bach cornet (early in his life),
French Bessons,
Selmer (K-modified model).
CG Benge (Zig Kanstul had made into a pocket, Claude Gordon had it engraved),
Getzen Eterna flugelhorn (3 valves),
He never payed for an instrument! 
Irving Bush,
a few custom mouthpieces 
Scott Klopfenstein Yamaha Bobby Shew   
Franz Koglmann Trumpet: Martin Committee from 1945
Flugelhorn: Leblanc F 357
(both silverplated) 
Bach 6, optional an old Heim 2
Flugel: old Giardinelli CT
Joo Kraus Galileo Jooleo in Bb,
Spada Model BJ-1 
Robbie Kwock Calicchio ML 2 bell / 7 leadpipe,
Martin Committee 1944,
Conn 60B,
Flugelhorn: Couesnon  
Bach 3D,
Bach 2 1/2C,
Yamaha 14B4,
Curry 5C 
Tommy Ladnier Harry B. Jay Columbia model (in the 1920s)   
Manon Lafrance Yamaha Xenon gold plated Bb,
Yamaha Xenon Chicago C,
Yamaha longbell piccolo,
Schilke E3L Eb 
5C Bach modified by Stork 
Nick LaRocca Lyon & Healy Cornet – played from 1916 throughout his career
Buescher trumpet – custom built for Nick LaRocca in the 1930s 
Cornet: Frank Holton # 26
Trumpet: Rudy Muck KA7A 
Manny Laureano Before:
Bach large bore C with the 229 bell,
Schilke S22C trumpet with a Pitch Finder by Jack Holland
C trumpets: Monette STC Prana, 937, Anja 1 and Chicago STC 2
Bb trumpets: Monette 937, Anja 1 and Chicago STC 1
D trumpet: Monette Chicago
Eb trumpets: Monette Chicago and short model Portland
F trumpet: Besson (owned by W. Vacchiano)
Bb/A piccolo: Selmer
Rotary C: Schagerl
Rotary Bb: Schagerl
Cornet: Monette Portland  
1967-1975–Bach 7C, 2 1/2
1975-1977–Helmacy Vacchiano model, Petinatto Vacchiano model,
1977-1985–Bach 1C, 1 1/2, 1 1/4, 1C, 1B, 1A
1985 to present–Monette 1-2
C trumpet: Monette C1-4
Bb trumpet: Monette B 1-2
D trumpet: Monette D 1-2
Eb trumpet: Monette E-3
F trumpet/Piccolo: Monette lead
Bb rotary: Monette B 1-2
C rotary: Monette C 1-4
Cornet: Monette B 1-2D 
Eric Le Lann Leblanc 357,
Martin Committee (Elkhart),
Now: Martin Committee Kenosha 3465 
Bach 3C 
Eddie Lewis Bb Trumpet: Bach 43L,
C Trumpet: Bach 229L
Flugel: Yamaha 631,
Piccolo: Yamaha 9830 
Giardinelli MB1 (Most of the time)X 
Jon Lewis C trumpet:
Bach 229 with a Blackburn 1B leadpipe and a crook I built (.468 bore crook)
Hub VanLaar C trumpet – Custom built, so no model number
Hub VanLaar Model #4
Bach – 1976 Model 37
Canadian Brass
Canadian Brass
Ken Larson
Schilke P5-4
Hub vanLaar Model #3
Yamaha YCR – 233S 
My mouthpiece used for fifteen years is a custom mouthpiece that I built when I was the custom mouthpiece maker at Marcinkiewicz Music Products. The rim is similar to a Bach 1 1/2C, the cup is similar to a Bach 3C and the backbore is a combination of backbores that I came up with.Earlier this year Gary Radtke of GR Technologies, made me an awesome
mouthpiece based off of my original. 
Jens Lindemann Yamaha B flat trumpet 6310 Z
Yamaha C trumpet 6345 (Xeno)
Yamaha Piccolo trumpet 9830
Yamaha E/E flat trumpet 8635
Yamaha Flugelhorn 6310 Z 
Custom Yamaha (by a mouthpiecemaker in Japan)
(Equal to: Bach 5-7 C or a Yamaha/Schilke 11)
Now: GR  
Booker Little Bach Mount Vernon,
Olds Recording 
Al Cass # 1-28 
Bert Lochs Trumpet:
62 Conn Connstellation,
Kanstul 1500A (the heavy model) with a bronze bell,
Holton MF Horn, medium large,
Now Van Laar B8
Couesnon Conservatoire Monopole,
Now a gold brushed B2 Van Laar 
Trumpet: Conn 5,
Bach 3C,
Now Bach 10 3/4CW
Flugel:Bach 1C,
Jettone Symphony C,
Now Bach 10 3/4CW 
Lee Loughnane Getzen,
Selmer Claude Gordon 
Claude Gordon Personal
(about the size of a New York Bach 7) 
Tommy Loy Trumpets: Schilke B1; ML from the 60s. LeBlanc 707
Benge Pocket Trumpet (.460. )
Flugel: Noblet from the 1950s.
Cornets: Wild Thing prototype by Flip Oakes. .470 very large bore. Silver. Great projection. Getzen Eterna LB w/copper bell. .464 all around the «Bach 3C» equivalent.
Also a gold-plated Pujé (that he gave to Bob Romans shortly before he passed away in 2003) 
Marcinkiewicz E3/3C 
Warren Luening old LeBlanc for many years
now Bach 
Humphrey Lyttleton Rudy Mück balanced model  Rudy Mück 
Jim Manley V~Raptor  Bob Reeves  
Joseph Wingy Manone Conn 80A cornet (early 1920s),
King Liberty or Silvertone trumpet (late 1920s)
Michael Mantler King Super-20 Symphony SilverSonic
(only trumpet since 1962) 
Giardinelli (fairly deep cup) 
Enrico Marchesi Yamaha YTR8310ZS Bobby Shew Custom SP,
Piccolo: Yamaha YTR9830 4valve, Bb/A SP
Flugel: Getzen Eterna
Valve Trombone: Blessing Artist B-170 
Trumpet: Warburton 10S Backbore Q
Flugel: JET-TONE Custom Mod. B5
Trombone: Bach 22C 
Joe Marcinkiewicz Conn Connstellation,
Charlie Margulis French Besson Brevette  Bach 3C 
Gianni Marinucci Yamaha 8335RG Shotblast trumpet (earlier)
Yamaha 6310Z Bobby Shew flugelhorn
Now: Yamaha 8310Z trumpet 
Trumpet: Bach 2C
Flugel: Bach 2CFL 
Jan Marinus Conn 38b Bb-trumpet,
Besson-Paris C-trumpet,
Conn C-trumpet,
Selmer-Paris D/Eb trumpet,
Selmer-Paris piccolo 4 valves 
Rudy Muck 17c, 19c,
Courtois-Paris R3 
Stan Mark Benge,
Now:Conn Vintage One with a goldbrass bell 
Marty Marsala Conn 80A cornet (1942)
Wynton Marsalis Bach 37,
Bach 72 Vindabona, red brass,
Selmer (gift from Sweets Edison),
Schilke Bb & Piccolo;
Now: Monette(s),
mainley the Prana 3 (used to be the B993)  
Bach 1-1/4C,
Christopher Martin Bb – Bach 37/25
C – Yamaha YTR-9445CHS «Chicago»
Eb/D – Yamaha
Piccolo – Schilke P5-4  
Parke-Merkelo (three piece) 650-215 Rim,
280-24 Cup,
standard Merkelo Backbore 
Jimmy Maxwell French Besson (with Goodman and Dorsey),
Calicchio custom-built (last 20 years or so of his life) 
Bach 3C 
Bob McCoy Besson for many years   
Howard McGhee Martin Committee,
King Super 20,
Getzen Eterna 
Michael McGovern Burbank Benge ml 3x trumpet,
Bach 72 ml lt trumpet, 
Purviance 4*k4 altered, deepened cup,
Couesnon Flugelhorn Purviance k4 
Jimmy McPartland Conn 80 A Cornet,
Bach Strad Gold Plated Cornet given to him by Bix 
Sidney Mear Cornet: Holton Clarke
Bach Bb (.459 bore),
Selmer Bb (.462)and (.459),
Benge C and D,
Marin C  
Claudio Menci Bb Bach 37 and Bach mod. New York,
C Bach 229,
Eb-D Yamaha 6610S,
Piccolo Bb-A Yamaha 9830,
Flughorn Yamaha 6310Z 
Trumpet: Bach 1 ¼ C and 1 C, Shilke 17
Piccolo: Denis Wick 3C, Yamaha 14a4a
Flug: Bach 5C 
Rafael Mendez French Besson Brevette
Besson Meha (when doing studio recordings)
Olds Mendez (Besson copy)
Olds Recording(pre-balanced model) 
Bach 10 1/2C
Olds Mendez 1 
Leon Merian Besson (pre war model),
Olds (early 50ies),
LeBlanc (in a recording with Clyde Lombarde)
Getzen Eterna 700 (modified leadpipe)
with custom bell (flair approximate shape of a Calicchio 1S),
Schilke B2 (1989),
Benge 5X and 3X,
Bach 25L and 72*,
Bach 1C for solo or small work
Jettone Leon Merian Personal, and
Jettone Vintage T2B for big band 
Mike Metheny 1966 Leblanc Noblet flugelhorn,
1962 Mt. Vernon Bach cornet,
1989 AKAI EVI 1000 
Bach 6 
Palle Mikkelborg Martin Committee  Al Cass No. L1 
Punch Miller Martin Troubadour (1930s)
Getzen (1950s)
unknow brand – a gift from Louis Armstrong (a slim, peashooter type)
Hamilton Supreme (based on a Besson, big throated bell,third valve tuning slide ring underslung)  
Custom made Charlie Allen (was stolen from him)
Bach 7C (last year – gift to him from Brian Finigan) 
Blue Mitchell Martin Committee, Conn Constellation, Olds Super or Olds Studio
Olds Flugel 
Al Cass # 1-28 
Ollie Mitchell Benge (mid 50ies)
King Silver Flair
Olds Super 
John Mohan Trumpet: For most situations a Gold Plated Burbank Benge .468″ Large Bore with a .464″ Bell. For Rock and stuff requiring a real bright tone, a Gold Plated Selmer Claude Gordon Model
Flügelhorn: Gold Plated Yamaha YFH-631
Piccolo Trumpet: Schilke P5-4
C Trumpet: Bach C Large Bore with 229 Bell & 25H Leadpipe
Eb Trumpet: Schilke E3L-4
Bb Rotary Trumpet: Monke
C Rotary Trumpet: Monke 
Shows and most playing: Kanstul copy of a Bach Mt Vernon 3C with a #24 Throat
Lead and intense show: Bob Reeves 43C / 43M
Orchestral: Bach Mt Vernon 3C Rim made by Karl Hammond mated to an Underpart made by Bob Reeves that’s a larger diameter version of the CG Personal (about the size of a Bach 1-1/2B) with a #22 Throat and a large, Symphonic style Backbore. 
Nick Mondello Sonare 900-TRC (modified large-bore tuning slide)
Bach 37 – early Elkhart
Yamaha Shew 6310ZS
Getzen Eterna 3-valve flugel, early 70s 
GR66M Chase Sanborn Model
Giardinelli 5C Flugel 
Lee Morgan French Besson Brevete,
Olds Ambassador,
Conn 8B Artist(lightweight, silver plate),
Martin Commitee w/ Dizzy bell and straight bell. 
Bach 6C 
Craig Morris Bb: NY Bach
C: Yamaha Chicago, Stage 1 California 
James Morrison Trumpet: Yamaha James Morrison Model YTR-6335J11,
Firebird Trumpet, Holton ST303
Flugelhorn: Yamaha, Thomas Inderbinen Wood Model
Midi Trumpet: MDT (Morrison Digital Trumpet)
Now: Schagerl brass instruments
(see link in Morrisons webpage for more) 
Yamaha: TR14B4 
Maurice Murphy Severinsen-Akright Bel Canto Bb (given to him by Doc Severinsen)
French Besson D,
Getzen piccolo 
Tottle similar to Bach 1C,
Denis Wick MM2C (Maurice Murphy signature model) 
Sergei Nakariakov Russian trumpet (?)
Getzen Severinsen;
Courtois trumpet and flugelhorn (4 valve)  
(Bach 10.5 C, Bach 7C)
Courtois 1 1/4 C 
Phil Napoleon Conn 8B   
Fats Navarro French Besson,
Martin Committee,
Conn 2B 
Small (with Conn 2B) 
Frankie Newton King Liberty #2,
Conn 8B Symphony Grand 
Red Nichols Olds Super
Conn (in the 1920s)
Selmer (in the 1950s) 
Sam Noto Holton,
King Silver Flair,
modified Polaris (unknown builder in British Columbia)
current: Olds  
Bob Odneal Trumpets (earlier): Schilke B6 tuning bell Beryllium, Schilke S42,
Doc Severinsen’s Destino
(Now): Best Brass
Flugel: Getzen Eterna 3 valve 
Laskey 30* and 30S*
Now: Best Brass Powerpiece 9E 
Tiger Okoshi Yamaha   
Joe King Oliver Holton Herbert Clark cornet with shepherd crook,
Holton H. C. cornet with straight crook,
Harry B. Jay «Columbia» model cornet,
King Liberty trumpet 
Gary Onady 1946 Martin Committee,
1961 Olds Ambassador,
1967 Olds Recording,
1973 Getzen 4 Valve Eterna Flugelhorn  
Schilke 14A4a,
Jetone B,
custom Callet 
Bill Ortiz Current: Martin Committee Deluxe Trumpet (med. bore-1956)
Before: Mic Gillette Model Martin T3-468A Deluxe with 6 inch bell (both .484 and .470 bores)
Couesnon Paris Flugelhorn -1960s era 
Schilke 15 Trumpet Mouthpiece,
Kanstul Custom Flugelhorn Mouthpiece 
Hot Lips Page Selmer Signet trumpet
Selmer Balanced Action trumpet
Conn 22B or 12 B trumpet  
Nicholas Payton Bach Bb Mt. Vernon Professional Model #43   Greg Black 1 1/4 C 
Victor Paz Goldplated Bach 72  Bach 10 3/4 CW 
Jeremy Pelt Currently: Harrelson Summit,
Yamaha 8340EM Eric Miyashiro model
Previously: Yamaha 8310Z Bobby Shew model,
Conn Connstellation 38B
Yamaha 8315G flugelhorn (designed for Pelt by Yamaha)  
Now: Bach 1C
Before: Monette 
Manuel Perez Conn 80A cornet (1920s-30s)   
Joey Pero Monette Prana Ajna Bb,
Monette Raja C (gift from Wynton Marsalis),
Bach 37 (for certain settings),
Getzen Eterna Cornet,
Schilke piccolo and Eb-D 
Monette B2 for the Bb Ajna trumpet,
C2 is built into the Raja C trumpet,
Custom for lead (that I dubbed the PL1 – Pero Lead 1),
Dennis Wick 2B (for cornet) 
Michael Phillippe Bach 180s37,
flugel: Yamaha 635 silver
Past horns used extensively:
Getzen Severinsen Eterna,
Leblanc 707 A large bore Al Hirt Model 
Bach 3c,
Jeff Parke custom,
Reeves 3c Bach rim altered C cup 68backbore,,
flugel: Warburton 4m 
Stew Pletcher King Liberty or Silvertone (1936)   
Valery Ponomarev Bach Stradivarius (probably 72),
Getzen four valve flugelhorn 
Al Porcino Benge (large-bore )  Bach 10 1/2C (altered to roughly the size of a Bach 6C) 
Louis Prima Olds Ambassador,
Olds Recording (see webpage, Photo Album, Picture 23),
Vega (Prima and his entire trumpet section played Vega trumpets,
from an early 1930s endorsement) 
Jeff Purtle Claude Gordon Selmer Bb,
Claude Gordon Selmer C
Claude Gordon Benge Bb
Yamaha YFH-635T Flugelhorn
Schilke P5-4 piccolo
Schilke E3L Eb/D
Boston 3 Star Cornet  
CG Personal with a #20 throat
Flugel: CG Personal and Bob Reeves HF underpart
Cornet: CG Personal original cup from a 1907 Boston mpc 
Lars Ranch Bb:
Bach 37/Bob Malone M2 (Symhonic)
Calicchio L-S1/7 Rosebell(1974) (Lead / Big Band)
Getzen model «Severinsen» (1969) (Popular music)
Schilke X3 – (with Swinging Brass)
Edwards Gen.X Leadpipe D3 – Bell XC21C
Yamaha 6445HGS Mark II – Malone C1
Selmer 365
Schilke P5-4, Selmer(1969), Amrein «Meisterserie»
Yamaha «B. Shew»
Bach ML 181/Trumpetbell Selmer ML
Olds Ambassador 
Monette C2
Monette B2L (Film, popular music)
Reeves 43SV Lead
Reves 43.5 SPC A Picc
Warburton 4S+4SV Bb Picc.
Reeves 43FE Flgh.
Reeves 43.5C2J  
Adam Rapa Custom Monnette Prana 3,
Custom Monette Tantra (4 valve Bb trumpet) 
Rapa L1 for lead playing,
Rapa 1 for all other,
Rapa 1FLG for Flugelhorn 
Uan Rasey Olds Recording (built by Olds in 1949 – favorite for 26 years),
King Silver Flair (switched to it in 1974,
Benge 3Xplus 
Size of a Bach 1A  
Enrico Rava Trumpet: Bach Centennial Edition, 37 Bell, reverse leadpipe.
Flugelhorn: Couesnon (one 1950s and one 1960s)  
Trumpet: Heim #1
Flugel: Bach 7C 
Greg Reese Conn 38B
Bach ML 72 ltwt
Yamaha 737
Schilke B3L (1990-present)
Getzen Genesis (2011)
Yamaha 631
Kanstul 1525 
Giardinelli 10M semi-flat rim
Custom 11A4a Schilke
Custom Warburton based on 11A4a
Kanstul M-MFII (2000-present)
Giardinelli 10F semi-flat rim
Custom Schilke 11F
Custom Warburton based on Schilke 11F
Custom Scott Holbert 
Thomas Reiner Schilke S32 HD Bb,
Schilke S22C HD C,
Schilke E3L D/Eb,
Schilke G1L4 G/F,
Schilke P7-4 Bb/A Piccolotrumpet with MA Option 
All with a Josef Klier MUK 3BW1 3.7 Mouthpiece,
On piccolo with a cornet shank 
Rex Richardson Yamaha Eric Miyashiro Bb,
Yamaha Xeno 20th Anniversary Bb,
Yamaha Chicago artis C,
Yamaha Eb (ne long bell),
Yamahq Rotary piccolo,
Yamaha Bb Cornet (YCR-6330S),
Yamaha Eb Cornet (YCR-8620S),
Yamaha Flugelhorn YFH631 
Trumpet (B-flat, C, E-flat/D): Pickett Brass custom, Rex Omni (similar in dimensions to a Bach 3B)
Lead trumptet: Pickett Brass custom (similar in dimensions to Purviance 8b)
Piccolo trumpet: Pickett Brass P4D
Flugelhorn: Warburton 3FLX 
Red Rodney Martin Committee,
Blessing ML-1 lightweight,
Blessing Artist Flugel 
Al Cass 3X3 & 2-28 
Wallace Roney Trumpet: Martin Committee T3468
Flugelhorn: Leblanc and a Martin Committee 
Trumpet: custom Heim
Flugel: Giardinelli 1FL 
Nini Rosso Selmer; Olds Super; Yamaha   
Jim Rotondi French Selmer,
Conn Constellation,
Custom Stomvi USA 
custom made (Greg Black),
matches with Monette 3C (weight, throat, backbore),
rim is the standard Bach 3C 
Nunzio Rotondo Martin Committee deluxe large bore  Custom made mouthpiece by Giardinelli,
similar to Miles Davis Heim,
but deeper and more v-shaped 
Michael Sachs Bach Bb Trumpet, ML bore, New York (#6XX, c.1927)
Bach Bb Trumpet, ML bore, Mt. Vernon (#19XXX, c.1959)
Benge Bb Trumpet, ML bore, Chicago (#28XX, c.1949
King Miniature Presentation Bb Trumpet, Liberty Model (c.1948)
Bach C Trumpet, L bore, Model 229, H leadpipe (#142XXX, c.1979)
Bach C Trumpet, ML bore, Mt. Vernon, Model 239 (#21XXX, c.1961)
Schilke D-Eb Trumpet, Model E3L (c.1982)
Schilke E-F-G Trumpet, Model G1L (c.1981)
Schilke A-Bb Piccolo Trumpet, Model P5-4 (c.1984)
Schilke A-Bb Piccolo Trumpet, Model P7-4 Prototype (2005)
Benge A-Bb Piccolo Trumpet (c.1978)
Yamaha Bb Flugelhorn, Model YFH-731 (c.1985)
Monke Bb Rotary Valve Trumpet, Model MB113GK, Gold Brass Bell (c.2000)
Monke C Rotary Valve Trumpet, Model MC113GK, Gold Brass Bell (c.2000)
Monke D Rotary Valve Trumpet, Model MD113GK, Gold Brass Bell (c.2000)
Getzen Bb shepherd’s crook Cornet (c.1984)
Getzen C shepherd’s crook Cornet (c.1995)
Bach Bb Cornet, Mt. Vernon Model (#13XXX, c.1955)
Furst-Pless A Posthorn (without valves) (c.1968)
Furst-Pless Bb Posthorn (with valves) (c.2004) 
Bb Trumpet: Bach 1 1/2C (stock) (small letters)
C, D, and Eb Trumpet: Bach 1 1/2C, 23 throat, 117 backbore (small letters)
G Trumpet: Schilke 14A4A
Schilke Piccolo Trumpet: Purviance #8
Benge Piccolo Trumpet: Schilke 14A4A
Bb and C Cornet: Sparx 2C, Denis Wick 2B, or Bach Mt Vernon 1 1/4C
Flugelhorn: Curry 1 1/2C medium cup
Rotary Bb and C Trumpet: JK Exclusive 4C, Breslmair G2
Rotary D Trumpet: JK Exclusive 4D
Posthorn: Tils 5C 
Randy Sandke Bach Strad 37  Bach 7D with a 25 throat 
Arturo Sandoval Trumpet:
Double gold plated 1989 Hollywood Calicchio 3/9 large bore # 4470
Schilke B1; X3,
Holton Leblanc T357 Gold plated with tunable bells,
Flip Oakes Wild Thing Bb
Holton Leblanc F357,
Hub Van Laar Oiram Ack  
Bach 3C w/ 24 throat GP,
Bach Mt. Vernon 3C,
Curry 3Z,
Flip Oakes  
Carl Saunders Conn Vintage One,
10 1/12 C 
Judith Saxton Bb: Bach 37 ml, 1946 King Liberty,
C: Bach CL 180 A, 229 bell,
Eb/D: Bach extra large bore, gold brass heavy bell
Monke C Rotary (from Will Scarlett)
Getzen Cornet,
Schilke piccolo P5-4 and P-7,
Cuesnon Flugelhorn 
Adolf Scherbaum Bb piccolo trumpet: The famous silver trumpet with fake tubing by Scherzer (Augsburg), looked like F trumpet but was piccolo Bb.
Eb trumpet: by Leistner (Hamburg) – also with fake tubing.
4 valve piccolo: With changeable bell.
Built by Scherbaum and his son (Scherbaum and Göttner) 
His own design (Scherbaum and Göttner).
In 3 parts. 
Max Schlossberg French Besson,
Bach Stradivarius Bb, number 1364, bore .462,
Valve: model B, fit-very tight
Mouthpipe: 6
Bell Mandril: 6L, Bell Brass: G45
(Date Completed August 24, 1929)
His Son-in-law Harry Freistadt inherited this trumpet. 
Parduba (at some point),
Bob Schoffner Buescher trumpet   
Gerard Schwarz Bb: Bach 37 medium bore,
C: Bach medium large 239 bell
D: Bach long bell
Piccolo: Schilke
Cornet: Bach, Conn 
Bach 5C (D cup for piccolo) 
Doc Severinsen Trumpet:
Getzen Eterna,
Akright Bel Canto,
Own custom made Bb trumpet called Destino,
Now Destino III (manufactured by S. E. Shires)
Kanstul Chicago 1025 
Jet-tone (throghout the 70’s),
Bach 3C,
Laskey (Bach 7 expanded to Bach 5),
Burt Herrick custom (in the 70’s),
John Stork custom (in early 90’s),
GR (Gary Radtke – not sure what model),
Pickett Brass 
Eddie Severn Powell Custom Bb Trumpet,
Couesnon Flugelhorn 
Trumpet: GR custom
Flugel: GR 64FL 
Charlie Shavers Conn 48B (1939),
Martin Imperial (1941),
King Super 20,
Getzen Eterna 
Woody Shaw Conn Constellation,
Conn 8B Artist,
Meazzi (Italian copy of the Constellation),
Yamaha YTR6335,
Bach 180-37,
Yamaha and Bach flugels,
Bach cornet 
Bach 5C & 7C 
Jack Sheldon Benge in the 60s,
Conn Connstellation 38B in the 70ies / 80ies,
Bach Stradivarius large bore (5 inch bell),
Stomvi (7 inch bell) 
Bach 6B,
Bach 5B,
Bach 10-1/2 C 
Bobby Shew Benge,
Yamaha 6310Z,
Yamaha YTR-8310Z,
Cuesnon flugel in the 70ies 
Marcincewicz Bobby Shew,
Frank Simon King Master Cornet   
Rolf Smedvig Bach 37w/ thumb trigger
Bach Strad Eb 239 G
Piccolo: Paris – Selmer Bb and A 
Bach 3B
Have hundreds of mouthpieces,
change every now and then. 
Jabbo Smith Harry B Jay trumpet, Selmer trumpet   
Phil Smith C trumpet: Two Bach Strad, Model No. 229 LB w/ 25H
B trumpet: Bach 37
Phil has many trumpets in addition (about 20),
D trumpet, E-flat, E, F, G, A, high B-flat. 
Bach 1B w/ big backbore,
Bach 3C for commercial work 
Walter F. Smith King Silvertone cornets
King Silvertone trumpets 
Valaida Snow Selmer Grand Prix trumpet   
Lew Soloff 1947 small bore Bach trumpet,
4 valve Schilke B1 (made by Schilke in August 1977),
Custom made Schilke E trumpet,
Custom Monette
Now: Sonare 
Bach 3C with various cup depths / backbores
Giardinelli, Stork, Monette & Schilke 
Muggsy Spanier Harry B. Jay Columbia model (in the 1920s)
Conn Victor/80A cornet (early recordings)
Blessing Super Artist cornet 
Greg Spence Yamaha 8310z Shew Horn (silver)  Bach 1 1/2 C,
Bobby Shew 2 Marcikewicz 
Charlie Spivak Besson
Martin Imperial
Conn 8B Gustat 
Dave Stahl Holton ST 100  Jet-Tone; Greg Black 
Del Staiger King Master Cornet,
King Liberty and Silvertone Artist trumpets 
Marvin Stamm A tunable bell French Besson model 92BA that he designed for Boosey & Hawkes. It is the original prototype for the new French Bessons and French Besson Lightweight-reverse leadpipe trumpets that are now produced by B&H.
Yamaha New York (in 2005),
Now: Shire custom lightweight Mod. A Bb
French Besson flugelhorn, Model 30-FB, the Laureat 
A John Stork Vacchiano model 4D+; a screw rim mouthpiece,
can put a 3C – 1 1/4 rim on the D+ bottom.
Now(2005): Custom GR (close to 65M)
flugelhorn GR 62FL 
Tomasz Stanko Schilke B-6,
(a bent) Bach 1-1/2C,
Monette Prana 
Roy Stevens Selmer (Paris) K Modifed,
Callichio ML with a 15 bell and 3 leadpipe,
Holton ST-100,
French Besson Brevete 
Custom Stevens by Rudy Muck,
Jet Tone RS1, RS2, RS3 
Al Stewart Olds Super, Bach 72*  Bush 
Rex Stewart Conn Victor 80A cornet (1933),
Olds Super cornet,
King Master or Silvertone cornet (late 1930s)
Reynolds Professional model cornet (1950s-60s)
Danny Stiles Bach Stradivarius 72*   
Markus Stockhausen Bb trumpet:
Bach L with 72* (lightweight) tuning bell, built by himself
Schilke X3 Berillium tuning bell,
Callicchio ML mit Bach 72* tuning bell
Olds Recording
C trumpet:
Bach, 25A leadpipe, 239 tuning bell, goldplated
Yamaha 635,
Kantstul with copper bell, direct air flow valves
Old Besson changed to 4-valves 1/4-Tone, goldplated
Schilke P5-4, silver 
Tpt: all changed, different combination of JBS-cups with Warburton underpart
Flh: JBS-rim with own made underpart, 4,6 mm bore
Picc: old Selmer B-0 
Byron Stripling New York Bach  Bach 1
Schilke custom made by Scott Laskey
Ira Sullivan Chicago Benge trumpet,
Couesnon flugel 
Bach 10 1/2c
Giardinelli 12 Fl 
George Swift Olds with handhammered bell, small bore
Conn Conquerer conical bore, rimless bell 
one made to his specification,
then changed to Zattola 66B 
Rich Szabo Schilke
Chicago Brass Works TSC 
Custom Greg Black RS2 
James Tamburini Benge,
Bb pre-war french Besson,
Bb pre-war french Besson (cut down when in Philly to a C)
Gabor Tarkovi Bb rotary: Schagerl Classic,
C rotary: Schagerl Horsdorf Heavy,
A/Bb piccolo: Schilke P5-4,
flugel: Schagerl 
Bb and C: Yamaha 15E4 with Breslmair rim,
piccolo: custom Breslmair,
flugel: Bach 2 1/2 with Breslmair rim 
Charles Teagarden Getzen Eterna trumpet   
Clark Terry Trumpet:
Selmer Balanced (1953),
Olds Custom Clark Terry,
Martin Committee,
Giardinelli CT-1 trumpet,
deep V (around 6 or 7)
CT-1 Fluegelhorn,
Giardinelli’s Artist Series Mouthpieces.
(The abbreviation CT stands for his initials). 
Andrea Tofanelli Yamaha YTR 8345 Xeno trumpet.
Yamaha customized YFH 6310Z flugelhorn
Yamaha YTR 9830 Custom piccolo trumpet 
Gianni Amidei Heavyweight Custom for trumpet.
Yamaha customized GP mouthpiece for piccolo trumpet.
Bruno Tilz S1 Custom, Yamaha 7C4 and Courtois 7EW mouthpieces for flugelhorn 
Charles Tolliver Benge, Conn60B   
Guy Touvron Selmer trumpets/cornet/flugelhorn.  Bach 3B
On cornet : Selmer «V» cup 
Dave Trigg Yamaha 6310Z,
now: Benge 1X and Benge CG trumpets  
Ray Triscari Mid to late 1950s Burbank Benge/Gold Serial # 3603
Info from Valdo Herby:
He could not have played a 1951 Burbank Benge!
Elden Benge moved to Burbank in August 1953.
(He brought with him tons of ready-made bells from his brass works in Chicago) 
Callichio and Charlie Allen
(Very shallow and narrow rim)
Chris Tyle LA Benge 3x long-model cornet,
Blessing Artist cornet,
Getzen Capri cornet 
Schilke 12 
Warren Vache Benge long-model cornet (1970s)
Yamaha student model cornet YCR631ox (now)
Conn Vintage 1 Trumpet with Sterling Silver bell 
Warburton 5SV mouthpiece #6 backbore as a general rule
carry a #7 and #8 backbore for situations where I need a brighter sound 
Mike Vax Trumpets:
1951 A beat up old “loaner” cornet from school.
1952-56 Olds Ambassador
1957-60 Olds Mendez
1961-65 Conn Constellation (Large bore Bach for a very short time.)
1966-69 Conn Constellation, Getzen Severinsen Model
1970-71 Schilke B-6, Martin Committee
1971-80 Conn 8B, Conn Director, prototype Conn MV (never put out)
1981-92 Schilke S-32
1993-2005 Yamaha Custom, Yamaha 6340, Yamaha 6335HSMV
2005 – Getzen 3001 MV Artist Model
1959-73 Olds
1973-78 Conn (made in Switzerland)
1978-80 Yamaha (intermediate)
1981-92 Cuesnon
1992-2005 Yamaha 631
2005 – Getzen 3895 (prototype with a gold brass bell) 
Schilke 13A4a (24 years),
Marcinkiewicz 12.2
Yamaha 13A4a 
Ray Vega Bb: Courtois Evolution III, Courtois AC 334ML
C: Stomvi Mahler Titanium
Eb/D: Schilke E3L
Piccolo Bb/A : F. Besson/Kanstul
Flugelhorn: Stomvi Elite
Cornet: Bach Strad Large Bore 
Greg Black. ACB, Stomvi, Monette, Warburton and Bach
(all of the rims are similar to a Bach 3C)  
Tamas Velenczei Bb rotary: Schagerl Classic, Monke Medium-Large,
C rotary: Schagerl Vienna, Lechner, Kuhn Konzert,
C: Monette #61 – 1989,
D/Eb: Schilke E3L, R. Kuhn
A/Bb piccolo: Shilke P5-4,
A piccolo: Zirnbauer
flugel: Mellissa by M. Beck 
Bb and C: Beslmair Special,
piccolo: Kameyama, Schilke (Laskey design)
flugel: Bach 2 1/2 
Allen Vizzutti Bach 72LT GP (in the 1970ies)
Yamaha Heavy Wall,
Yamaha 9335VS «Vizzutti» model Bb Trumpet, (gold plate),
Yamaha 6445II C Trumpet,
Yamaha YTR 761 D Trumpet,
Yamaha YTR 9635 E/Eb Trumpet
Yamaha 9830 Piccolo TrumpetYamaha Maestro CornetYamaha YHF 635 Flugel Horn  
Marcincewicz Allen Vizzuti,
Yamaha Allen Vizzutti gold rim,
Piccolo: custom made, large back bore Marcinkiewicz,
Flugel: custom made Marcinkiewicz
Note: All mouthpieces have the same rim.
Pickett Brass  
Gert Vohwinkel Martin Committee trumpet   
Derek Watkins Smith-Watkins  Giardinelli 10SW (wide cushion rim),
Bach 3C (legit) 
Lu Watters Conn 80A cornet
Martin Committees
Selmer Balanced 
Scott Wendholdt Bach 72* sterling bell, reverse leadpipe,
Van Cleave MV1 in silver 
Holton Collegiate 
Rich Wetzel Bach Strad 182 Bb,
Bach 183 flugelhorn 
Warburton 4SV with KT Backbore,
Bobby Shew flugel mpc 
Peter Weuling Buescher 400 trumpet,
Blessing Super Artist cornet (all before 1947) 
Bach 6C for trumpet,
Conn 4 for cornet 
Kenny Wheeler Trumpets: Smith-Watkins (most of time)
an american version of a Besson trumpet (given him by Marvin Stamm)
Weber flugelhorn,
Now a Yamaha Bobby Shew flugel 
Bach 3C on trumpet
Flugelhorn, a German mouthpiece made by J.P.S. (trademark
of Bopple, Jillich, and Rapp, Germany) 
Liesl Whitaker New York Bach
(Charlie Melk had to resurrect, it was falling apart)  
Purviance 8 (made by Bob Reeves)  
Cootie Williams Early Ellington: Conn 58B ‘peashooter.
Later Conn 40B.
Conn Connstellation (in the 1960s and 1970s) 
Custom built, very small 
Tom Williams Bach 37 (med large bore)
Schilke B5 (med large bore)
Bach 72LT (gold plate-med large bore)
Army Horns:
Yamaha YTR-739? I think (med large)
Bach 43LR (med large bore
After Army:
Besson Meha (Kanstul made-med large bore)
Yamaha Bobby Shew (med bore)
Schilke S42 (med bore)
Yamaha Xeno (matte lacquer finish-med large bore)
Lawler C7 (med bore)
Now: Lawler Model T & Bach 37 
Schilke 13A4A,
Bach 10 1/2C,
Scott Holbert Custom Pieces,
GR66 series 
Greg Wing Bach 72/43 (commercial)
Bach 37
Piccolo: Selmer 3c
Flugel: Cousenon 3FL 
Old Purviance (commercial)
Bach 3C 
Dontae Winslow Bundy,Bach 37, Blessing,
Bach silver 43 Reverse LT Star Bell,
Bach 25 bell Large Bore (gifts from Roy Hargrove),
Monette LTJ,
Gold Schilke S42L,
Conn Connstellation 38B,
Kanstul Mariachi (based on a Conn 38B),
Adams Trumpet (based on a Conn 38B)
Adams DW A6 (self designed)
Adams F2 Flugelhorn 
Bach 3C,
Bach 1 1/4C,
Bach 1B (10 years),
Bach 10 1/4C,
Schilke 13A4A,
Monette B4LD,
Now: Monette B4 LVS 
Wilmer Wise Bb-Bach LB w/ 72* bell-regular weight body.
C-Bach LB w/229G bell-25H leadpipe and a Bb tuning slide cut for the C.
D- Bach Mt. Vernon 236 bell
Eb-Bach NY 304 bell
Piccolo Bb/A Yamaha 9830
Cuesnon Flugel 
Laskey 80 MD
Laskey piccolo mouthpiece.
Nov 2003, switched from a Laskey 80 MD
to a Kanstul copy of a Monette B4S.
2008: Back to Laskey 80MD 
Mark Wood Yamaha 6335,
Blessing (prototype built for Brad Goode),
Olds Super,
Super Recordings,
Burbank Benge MLP (mid 60s) 
Peter Pickett custom (based of an old Jet Tone T 1B) 
Snooky Young Getzen trumpets  Custom Jet-Tone
Custom Bob Reeves
Al Cass 
Rob Zappulla Kanstul French Besson Meha .470 bore
Flugelhorn: Kanstul 1525
Piccolo: Schilke P5-4 
Trumpet: Greg Black 12S with various backbores
Flugelhorn: Greg Black 12FL
Piccolo: Greg Black 12S with 117-C backbore 

(This was originally a short TPIN compilation by Kevin Fay.)

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